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Spanish - A Second Language

Like many of us, I took Spanish as a second language in high school. It was boring and difficult to learn because I had no one to share what I was learning with. Nor was it easy teaching me Spanish. It was hard for me to grasp. When I left my Spanish class every day I reverted to English and never used Spanish again that day. It was just another class with a book.

There is nothing more rewarding to any parent or grandparent than watching the kids in their life experiment with words. When my children were little we’d play word games to encourage their imaginations, let them practice words, and just for fun. One game in particular I played with my daughter was ‘jumper pocket’. She had a problem with the letter ‘j’ and we used this game to teach her how to pronounce it. So we’d go back and forth; I’d say ‘jumper pocket’, she’d say ‘pocket jumper’ until one of us messed up. The winner always got some neat prize like picking the next word combination.

Today I play similar games with my granddaughter only now we try to use the Spanish word for something. She loves watching “Dora the Explorer” and “Go Diego Go”. It’s really fun not only when we mess up, but also when we get the words right. There is a real sense of triumph for both of us when we do.

Still, we can’t even try to have a conversation in Spanish. We just don’t know enough words. We’ve looked for second language games that we can play together on the computer. Most are far too complicated for a 5 year old to be happy with and that’s really sad. Spanish is a rich and vibrant language with great expressiveness. Oh, you can teach kids to understand it by letting them watch Spanish television or to read it by buying Spanish books. But they won’t learn to speak it, and let’s face it kids are tough to teach unless the learning is fun.

It should be fun for us too! We should be able to enjoy learning how to converse with our children in this wonderful language that will benefit them in the future. “Easy Spanish for Kids” may be just the way to teach both of you and give you quality fun time together as well!

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