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Children who Learn Spanish Language Score Higher on Standardized Tests

Thursday, January 28th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Did you know that children that take the time to learn spanish have higher test scores? Enrolling your children in an immersion program, or immersing the children in spanish could mean higher test scores later in life. Studies conducted in 1992 have demonstrated that children, who have learned spanish, indeed had higher scores on standardized tests.

Children who had learned spanish for four or more years have shown to have higher test scores. Why is this? First, when a child learns spanish they are stimulating parts of their brain which enable them to absorb new information, and transmit this information to memory. While the children are learning spanish, they are able to learn valuable study and learning habits that can assist in preparing the child for future tests.

Not only does the child have increased test scores, but learning the spanish language before adolescence will allow the child to have a higher understanding of the language, leading to better pronunciation skills. These pronunciation skills will not only benefit the second language, but the native language as well.

Not only do the children have the ability to have higher scores, but they can be introduced to other cultures which can stimulate their interest in learning about cultures, and this can translate into learning about literature, history and scientific practice. Studies have shown that immersion students in their fifth year of study perform better on standardized tests than other students in the same level of non-immersion students. The proof is here, and the studies have been conclusive – immersion benefits students in more ways than learning a second language.


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